“We can IMG_7611 - Colorgrading - film look

go down alone

or swim

forward together.“

EMBER SEA joins the worlds of metal, gothic and rock and combines the best of the genres to a unique style of music. Melodic riffs, drifty rhythms, spherical keys and last but not least the power of the frontwoman unite to modern and catchy songs.

Since the debut album “Nova” in 2013 the 5 guys from Hannover are rocking through Germany, wowing with their full amplified shows and also with their unplugged concerts a constantly growing fan base.

2016 the band enters the studio again to record their new CD “How to Tame a Heart”. The release is planned to be in August, a promotion tour will start in September 2017.

EMBER SEA are Eva Gerland (vox), Stefan Santag (git), Pablo J. Tammen (bass), Dirk Marquardt (keys) und Enrico Mier (drums).